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Writer's forum!

Not ever having found another writing forum that fulfills my needs for a friendly, relatively rules-free place for me and my writing friends to share our writing with one another and offer critique and encouragement, I decided to start my own. So, if you're looking for a place like this, come on over! http://fictionwritersanonymous.lefora.com/

objects in the rearview mirror

Vacation: Day One

So far, I've planted my Valentine's Day canna lily bulbs and done housework. It needs it, that's for sure, but I don't want to waste the whole week with just cleaning. Trouble is, about the time I start to figure out what I want to get done, the week is gone. Since the attendance policy at work no longer allows us to take two weeks in a row, and departmental guidelines discourage us from taking vacations back to back (among we employees) so as to give us a 'break' (even when all of us are present it is often busy enough that we don't have enough people to cover all areas, that's how understaffed we are), I need to figure out what I'm doing. Add to the mix going to class two evenings this week and you'll get an inkling of my situation. Preparation for class isn't a problem; my Anthropology essay is long done and uploaded to the webpage. My writing assignment is almost done. I just need to tweak it a bit more (translation: make sure it doesn't suck ass and have to rewrite before tomorrow evening) and print out multiple copies.

The big event for this vacation is a trip to Marianna to visit Florida Caverns. Being a Florida girl, I've never been in a cave in my life, unless you count the holes I dug in pile of builder's sand as a kid. The Spousal Unit has been there a very long time ago so I thought it would be fun to see what it's all about and maybe get some good pics, maybe rent a canoe for the afternoon and paddle about. Just as long as we don't recreate the scene from my novel where a snake falls into the canoe and my two main characters are stranded in the middle of the woods. It makes for a very entertaining scene in a book, but in Real Life it would be sub-optimal.

Oh! What a wonderful reason to leave the windows open! No really, I'm not crazy, I just heard a flock of sandhill cranes flying overhead, even though I'm inside. Another thing I want to do is go out to Payne's Prairie and try to see them before they all fly away again. Might even catch a glimpse of a whooping crane since they will sometimes join the flock in their travels. We now rejoin your regularly scheduled blog entry, already in progress.

Another set of tasks I want to do this week is some sewing. I have several unfinished projects and need to get them off my mind. A quilt, a bag or two, and I have several feed bags just begging to be made into tote bags. Soon, my pretties, soon.

I need something like a month off....

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Writer's Block: Hey, big spender

Should there be limits on how much money a political candidate can spend on an election campaign, and why?

I think the money they raise should go toward causes and charites they believe in, or they should spend their campaign time actually working alonside their potential constituents (Former FL governor Bob Graham used to spend a day, think they should spend a week.) That form of political advertising would tell me more about a potential candidate than any negative capiagn ad, flyer in my mailbox or message on my answering machgine, all of which are ignored.
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Relief at last... for school anyway

The Employee Education Program has paid my tution and my parking owes may be relieved. There is a parking garage on the same block as my class and is a short walk, much shorter than the one I had today. You see, there is an awful lot of different parking options at the Institution of Higher Learning that employees me and now further educates me. I have the least expensive option for a car, the commuter Green. The next up is Blue, or if you're on campus and not at the fringes like the Vet School, Orange (how cute...). Aforementioned parking garage is Orange, but only until 4:30 pm, the same time I leave work. With a bit of timing, I can leave work, park and have a leisurely 30 minutes until my class starts to read, review or maybe eat at the dining hall across the street from my class. It's pure torture to go to class at 5:00, starving, and smell Burger King. Thursday, I may have to go in and have a bite before my 2 hours class.

Is if making any more sense? A little. Our instructor admits reading Foucault is "heavy."
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I don' wanna ride the bus!

I have nothing against mass transportation. I think it's a wonderful idea, but in my case, it's less than ideal.

I'm talking about my getting to class after work two nights a week. I work probably a mile and a half from where my class takes place. Parking on the UF campus is at best, a nightmare. A myriad of color-coded stickers and parking places and ne'er the twain shall meet. And the purchase of a sticker does not entitle you to anything but the right to look for a parking place. Trust me, there aren't any that won't earn you a ticket.

Yes, I got a parking ticket after class the other night. Thirty dollars for 'parking out of assigned area.' That means that my measley $144-a-year parking decal doesn't not qualify me to park in a 'gated only' $947-a-year space. People, I park for my class after 4:30 PM. It figures that the area close to my class is restricted until after 5:30 PM. Of course, there are signs. In front of every fifth space or so. There is no indication that this includes all the spaces surrounding them, only the spaces themselves. Silly me for making that assumption. I appealed my ticket and am hopeful, as it is my first one, that the appeal will work. But that leves me with the dilemma of what to do.

I can park in one of the few commuter lots on campus and walk 3/4 of a mile to my class, which would require me to leave work more than the 30 minutes early I do now, or park in the commuter lot and take the bus. As staff and student, my ID card entitles me to ride for free. Free is good. But I have ridden on a mass transit bus exactly twice in my life. Bus schedules and route maps are like Sanskrit or Swahili to me. The time attend class is in that grey area that results in triple the wait time for a bus after class than before. That puts me getting home later than I would if I could just park in front of the stupid class or even on the same street. And the later in the year it gets, the darker it gets as I'm in class.

Why did I want to go back to college? Anybody? Bueller?

*sigh* Back to Foucault.
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(no subject)

Now that I've taken the trash out of my manuscript (deleted unneeded words like 'just', 'so', 'for a moment', and the like) I've gone from writing like Nabokov to this:

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I still don't know what this means.

And when I post the entire body of the manuscript, I get this.

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Does this mean I can haz bestseller?

Is it 5:00 yet?

It's Monday, I've taught students positioning (not good with groups and speaking) and been to Large Animal to radiograph a horse with nasal discharge. He was stinky. He decided to share. Now I'm stinky. It's only halfway through the day...
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Writer's Block: Too mainstream

If you've been following a relatively obscure band and they start to become popular, do you tend to lose interest at some point? Is mainstream appeal a turn off when it comes to music?

As long as said performer/s don't change who they are, I wish them much success. Some of my favorites that I would love to see achieve the success they deserve are Seven Nations, Paul Thorn, and The Weepies.